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The 3 Pointers That You Need To Know When Buying A Caviar

If you are used to eating caviars, I’m sure you are already an expert when it comes to buying it. However, some individuals are just starting the field. If you want to get the best buy for caviar, here are some pointers that you need to know. Check it out and get the best caviar you need.

1. Start Low

Before you can be an expert when it comes to tasting caviars, it will take a lot of practice and end experience. It’s not as easy that you only need to taste a couple of it and then you are good. You will need to go through the learning process before you can appreciate the best of it. It’s in your best interest to begin from the most inexpensive one so you can learn to appreciate the taste of the best.

2. Taste Before You Buy

Buying caviar is just like buying your favorite Chanel Grand Extrait Perfume. You need to test and smell the scent before you buy it. It goes the same way for caviar. Taste it before you make a purchase. The taste may vary even if it is from the same batch of fish eggs, so it is important that you check the taste before spending a fortune.

3. Buy Enough Caviar

The price of caviars is not a cheap. It is the reason why people tend to buy it on small servings. The best example of it is the 10 grams tin cans which will not take you anywhere. If you are buying caviar, it is necessary that you will purchase enough that you would be able to enjoy it otherwise it’s useless. Half a teaspoon is already equivalent to 5 grams which are just enough for tasting.

Follow these tips, and sooner or later it will be easier for you to buy and distinguish which are the high-grade caviars.

The 4 Important Things That We Have To Know About Caviars

What do you know about caviar aside from the expensive price tag it has? If you are a caviar enthusiast and it is one of your favorites, I’m sure you know a lot but want more information. Don’t worry because we have the right thing for you. Here are the important things about caviars that some of us may not know.

1. Salmon Roe is not a caviar

Alright sushi fans, let’s get one thing straight. The salmon roe that you usually see in the sushi does not belong to the caviar category. There are more or less twenty-six sturgeon species that are used to make caviars and salmon is not on the list.

2. Caviar can last for a month

You read that right because caviars don’t have a one-day expiration date. With the proper preservation, you can surely enjoy fresh caviars for at least a month. All you need to do is put it in the refrigerator near the freezer. It needs to be cold enough to preserve it but not to make it frozen.

3. Almas Caviar

We all know how expensive caviars can be, but Almas Caviar sure did put it on a different level. It is the caviar that set the record of getting the most expensive title. Do you know why? It’s not every day that you will be able to kill a fish that is more than a hundred year old just to get its eggs. Let me know if $35,000 price for one kilo of Almas Caviar doesn’t sound out of this world.

There are a lot more things to learn about caviar. It’s all worth it because it will feel like you are going back on history. The ancient royalties were able to feast on caviars so just imagine how far is the origin of this delectable fish eggs.

The 4 Health Benefits You Can Get From Eating Caviar

When we hear the word caviar, the first thing that we will think of is the price. Caviars are expensive, and it can cost you thousands of dollars. However, it is not just about the luxury because caviars can do us good. Here are the health advantages you can get from eating caviars.

1. Antioxidants

Caviars are rich in vitamins particularly vitamin a and e. We all know that these two vitamins are responsible for the well-being of skin and blood circulation. Caviars are known to be one of the best antioxidants. It’s just that it’s a little pricey but worth it.

2. Lessen Blood Pressure

Potassium is needed by our body if we want to stabilize our blood pressure. Eating caviar can do the magic because of its high potassium content. It is even recommended by doctors if you are someone who consistently experiences high blood pressure. The next time you are feeling bad about your blood pressure, eat caviar, and it can lower it down.

3. Heart Attack Prevention

What’s good for the heart? If course, it’s none other than omega-3. The good news is, caviar contains a lot of omega-3 which is a much-needed mineral by our heart so that it will stay healthy. Now I know why rich people seldom have heart attacks.

4. Hemoglobin Regeneration

Our body needs hemoglobin, and that is a must. It is necessary, so there would be enough supply of oxygen in our body. We also need it so that we can have an adequate supply of red blood cells in our body.

Caviar is expensive because of a lot of things. Of course, it’s because of the rarity in production and also the health benefits that we can get from it. It contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to our body.